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Who We Are:

Hey there! We are Silicon Rhino – a bunch of language enthusiasts, tech geeks, and avid problem solvers. With, we're on a mission to make audio transcription a breeze, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Why We Built This Tool:

We get it, transcribing audio can be a real pain! Especially in languages that have been largely ignored by the internet. That's why we built this smart tool. We wanted to save you precious time and energy, empowering you to create without any hassle. The breadth and width of languages covered should make any bit of audio a breeze to transcribe.

Our Vision:

We dream of a world where language isn't a barrier and knowledge knows no bounds. With AI by our side, we aim to break barriers and make information accessible to everyone.

Join Us on this Journey:

We're not just a tool; we're a community of creators, professionals, and learners. Come, join us! Let's unleash the potential of audio together.

See what others say about

The speed of transcribing files after upload is amazing.

James Muli, Transcriber/Writer

The transcript was very clear, with none of those made- up words that at times come up with other tools.

Claudia Civinini, Journalist

The accuracy and speed of the transcription is amazing. Compared to other services I've used, this is much more accurate in picking up what people are saying, and pretty good at discerning accents. It was very impressive to see it be able to pick up words and punctuation, including ellipses for when someone changes thought mid sentence.

Anton John Crace, Editor and Program Designer is much, much faster in producing the transcript and works better than every other tool I've used.

Natàlia Vila, Journalist